I’m blessed to be surrounded by women whose spirituality means as much to them as mine does to me. That said, our encounters, particularly those of us who date, have been made more interesting by our deep involvement in spirituality. We’ve all encountered men, as well as other women, who don’t understand how spirituality can touch every area of your life. I’ve taken it upon myself to remedy this and provide you all with a quick and easy guide for understanding the modern spiritual woman.

  • Spiritual women depend on feelings and instinct. By tuning into the spiritual world, spiritual women learn how to depend on their feelings and tune into instincts given to them by their surroundings and experience. For this reason, it’s important to nurture their spiritual selves as much as possible with meditation, yoga, periods of introspection, and more.
  • Spiritual women get impatient waiting to put a plan into action. They are in tune with the limited time we all have on the Earth and want to make the most of the journey in this plane. Since spiritual women are constantly seeking to fulfill their purpose, they take on many projects with an attitude that lets you know they can do it all.
  • Spiritual women can be unapologetically straightforward. Of course, we care about feelings but we also care about the here and now, the reality of the situation. The spiritual woman in your life will not only have a heightened awareness of her own actions but those of everyone around her. That can be tough for someone who doesn’t deal well with directness, but it will certainly get you thinking. If you can find your own standpoint, a spiritual woman will not argue points with you, but rather guide you in the direction of growth and fulfillment.
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez
  • Spiritual women enjoy the company of other spiritual people. It’s less about being around like-minded people and more about being around those who will have those deep, mentally arousing conversations. Spiritual women often find comfort in group activities where they can share and swap ideas, rituals, beliefs, and theories with others who are willing to tune into themselves and their surroundings on a deeper level. In turn, people who lack depth and only engage in small talk will likely be considered boring or stunted to a spiritual woman.
  • Spiritual women will try to get you out of your comfort zone. Only you can know if that’s right for you, of course. Spiritual women are all about pushing themselves, obliterating boundaries, and becoming every person they can be. A spiritual person will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, but never force you. The real question is if you can keep up with her doing so day after day.

Being a friend or partner to a spiritual woman is never a dull moment. You’ll learn a lot and get the opportunity to live vicariously through their never-ending life adventures. In understanding their core values, you will come to see them as they really are rather than seeing how they are different from others.